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Ethereal Series - Terra III

Ethereal Series - Terra III

SKU: 0004

Size: 24x33 inches

About the Painting:

The 'Ethereal Series' is a collection of abstract paintings inspired by the creation of our universe, depicting elements of nebulae (interstellar clouds), the explosive formation of Earth and imagined galaxies beyond. Worlds that can’t be conveyed through words, yet inspire the viewer to look within and be transported through the celestial shapes and colours.

- Terra III is an original painting.
- This is a mixed-media abstract painting, using acrylic, spray paint and gold leaf.
- This painting is part of a series of ‘dream-like’ paintings exploring the ethereal through organic movements using natural colours. 

- The artwork is completed through a process of layers; building up and into the centre to create the glowing effect. 


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