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If you are interested in a bespoke piece of art for yourself or loved ones, you can make a commission request (by following the 3 simple steps below) to receive a quote. 

Once you have submitted your request via email to,  Amy will be in touch to discuss the details with you to ensure you receive something that can be treasured for many years to come. 



Description & Inspiration

- Please provide a description of what it is you would like to be created (i.e. a landscape/portrait/abstract piece of art).

- Details on any specific colour schemes you like.

- References to styles/existing artwork you like (these can be photos, screenshots, or even links to IG pages!)


Size & Medium

Please provide details on the size of artwork you have in mind and if you have a preference of medium (e.g. acrylic/charcoal/pencil sketch). 

If there is a particular room of your home you would like to hang the art, photos of the space are also welcome so we can create something that complements your current decor.



Time & Budget

On average it can take approx 4 - 8 weeks for a commission; please specify if there is an event (such as a special birthday coming up) that you would like the artwork to be ready by.

Commissions start at £450, however, if you have a budget in mind, please feel free to share this and we can try to scale the artwork to be within your price range. 


Please note that larger artworks and more detailed commissions will require a longer lead time and increase cost. 

Previous commission examples

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