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Amy Harrison was born in Greenwich and graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2015. It was here that she became skilled in both traditional and contemporary disciplines, from installation to glass blowing. Her broad portfolio spans from hyper-realism to contemporary abstract paintings.

Life drawing is one of Amy’s true passions, a process she finds truly meditative. Her bold style exposes subjects to their most basic forms, giving empty space equal importance. There is courage to paint something in one line, when tempted to paint it in ten.

Her biggest inspiration is the night’s sky, leading her to spend time off-grid in Great Barrier Island, an International Dark Sky Sanctuary 70km off mainland New Zealand. Evenings spent under the stars spurred Amy’s fascination with the universe, particularly the unique formation and colours of nebulae.

The peculiar patterns and colours of some of her art depict elements of interstellar clouds and imagined galaxies beyond. Worlds that can’t be conveyed through words. Amy continues her study of Astronomy at the Greenwich planetarium, where the knowledge she’s gained continues to inspire her art.

Her paintings are an ethereal portal to the viewer’s own imagination, she wants you to get lost in the abstraction and unlock feelings from within that can’t be replicated through realism.

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