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Ethereal Series - Reflections I

Ethereal Series - Reflections I

SKU: 0006

Size: 32x40 inches


About the Painting:

Mirror and glass draw the viewer into the centre and create a parallel to the inward focus we tend to have as humans; ignorant of the looming threat to our planet that surrounds us. The fierce swirls of destruction encroach on the centre of the artwork threatening to engulf the whole piece.


- Reflections I is an original painting.

- Unframed.

- This is a mixed-media abstract painting using acrylic paint, spray paint, gold leaf, sand, glass and mirror.

- This painting is part of a series of ‘dream-like’ paintings exploring the ethereal through organic movements using natural colours.

- The artwork is completed through a process of layers; building up and into the centre to create the glowing effect. The addition of strips of mirror and broken glass enhance the light which bounces off the artwork, owing to it's name: 'REFLECTIONS'


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