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Ethereal Series - Gaia's Awakening

Ethereal Series - Gaia's Awakening


About the paintings: "Gaia's Awakening" is a commanding pair of paintings that embody the untamed energy and primal force of the Earth's awakening. Gaia, the ancient Greek personification of Earth (mother of all life), is depicted through bold brushstrokes and vibrant hues that replicate the raw energy and dynamic forces of nature. The movement through both canvases invites viewers to experience the vigour and elemental beauty of Gaia's stirring.


    Size: 100x120cm

    Medium: Mixed media - including acrylic, gold leaf, gold cerne relief, black lava

    Sold as pair only 


    Shipping to UK only.

    Allow 7 - 10 working days. Shipping costs will be automatically added to your order at checkout.

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