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Ethereal Series - Andromeda

Ethereal Series - Andromeda


About the painting: Introducing “Andromeda” - an abstract painting drawing inspiration from the majestic spiral galaxy; the nearest major galaxy to our milky way and visible in our night’s sky. Through swirling brushstrokes and interplay of warm tones, the artwork captures the cosmic allure and magnificence of galaxies beyond. Layers of intricate textures and luminous highlights suggest the dance of stars and nebulae within Andromeda, no less than 2,480,000 light-years from Earth.


    Size: 32x40 inches

    Medium: Mixed media - including acrylic, gold and copper leaf, gold cerne relief, black lava


    Shipping to UK only. 

    Allow 7 - 10 working days. Shipping costs will be automatically added to your order at checkout.

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